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Elevating Your Home and Your Lifestyle with Our Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators
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Why choose us?

Value and Quality

Our strategy provides high-quality at affordable prices by combining Australian Technology, European Components and investing in high-tech production lines.

Easy Installation

Nibav lifts ensures that this elevator needs zero civil work which reduces the installation time to 24 working hours.

European Standards

We are also TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards certified, this warranties a consistent standard of high-quality across our industrial and management processes.

Who are We?

NIBAV home lifts are the best among patented pneumatic lift manufacturers headquartered in India. Nibav Lifts Switzerland specializes in producing ultra-modern lifts with unprecedented engineering brilliance and advanced pneumatic elevation systems.

Nibav lifts will fit in your home like that missing piece of the puzzle, becoming one with structures of both retrofit and new constructions. Engineered as per the European Standards, Nibav Home Lifts requires a very minimal amount of electricity, as the major part of the travel involves a renewable natural resource – “Air.”

Our utmost priority remains to be the safety of our clients; we do not compromise on safety since our product becomes a part of their private space – Home.

Nibav delivers sophisticated home lifts that literally define the safest pneumatic elevators on earth. Home lifts that are manufactured in Nibav have European and safety standards and are validated and certified in line with TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards – making us the preferable home lifts in Zürich.


Glass Lift Zurich
Safety Excellence
Our residential elevator collection boasts a multi-layered safety system, featuring automatic descent, emergency alarm, child-control switch, and more.
House Elevator Zurich
Feather-Light Build
Our expert engineers designed a combination of Aluminum and Galvanized Steel, Nibav home lifts to ensure longevity and comfort with minimal maintenance.
Luxury Lifts Zurich
Unmatched Panoramic Experience
Escape the feeling of claustrophobia with our safest home elevators with panoramic glass views made from Polycarbonate material, offering both luxurious elegance and impenetrable security.
Panoramic Elevator Zurich
Efficiently Compact
Requiring only a base space with a diameter of 1010 mm, our residential lifts are easily erected for use. The Completely Knocked Down (CKD) model offers a plug-and-play set with ample and compact cabin space for two individuals.
Panoramic Lift Zurich
Machine Room Free
Our semi-assembled delivery streamlines installations, ensuring a quicker and simpler setup. The machine room-free model allows flexibility in placing the product optimally within your home.
Pneumatic Elevator Zurich
Environmentally Friendly
Our products operate just a 3.7kVA energy consumption, as these home lifts utilize a single-phase power supply. The air-driven design minimizes power usage for ascent and requires zero power for descent, promoting environmental sustainability.
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Home Elevator Cost Starting from CHF 55,200

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