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Nibav Residential Lifts

As the Finest Elevator industry in Switzerland, we design innovative home elevators that offer homeowners convenience and luxury. Our elevators provide a unique and cost-effective solution for those interested in installing an elevator in their home. Additionally, they are engineered to meet the highest European safety standards, ensuring their reliability and safety.

Furthermore, Nibav elevators provide a 360-degree panoramic view of your home, combining functionality with an aesthetically pleasing design. The polycarbonate glass walls offer a transparent and unrestricted perspective, establishing a spacious and breezy ambiance. The glass is also shatterproof, enhancing passenger safety and contributing to the elevator’s durability.

As a global company, Nibav has a significant presence in over ten countries, including Canada. We have more than 31 showrooms and over 1,400 employees, dedicated to providing our customers with the optimal home elevator experience. Whether you want to improve accessibility in your home or add a luxurious touch, our elevators offer an excellent solution that blends style, practicality, and sustainability.

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