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The Ideal Home Lift Solution for Seamless Movement Within Your Residence

If enhancing your mobility or providing a safe and comfortable environment for your family is your goal, Nibav Home Lifts offers an elegant and efficient solution. Our home lifts alleviate the strenuous task of stair climbing, making every floor of your house easily accessible. Explore the characteristics of our leading models: the Series III and Series III Max, and discover how a pneumatic home lift can transform your living area.

Simplify Your Travel Between Floors with Our Home Lifts

Series III Max

Upgrade your living space with the advanced Nibav Series III Max, a model built to surpass the ordinary. This range, equipped with exclusive patented technology, elevates the quality beyond our celebrated Series III line. The lifts boast large, adaptable cabins, allowing you to personalise with your chosen flooring and lighting, designed to support up to 240 kgs/529 lbs.

They are also engineered for wheelchair access, providing all users with a welcoming and comfortable environment. With the seal of approval from TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards certified, CE, and SIL-3 certifications, this product features a refined, safety-focused design. At Nibav, our mission extends beyond simple transport – we aim to improve your lifestyle significantly.

Series III

Presenting the Nibav Series III Standard, the new benchmark in home lifts, offering an exceptional combination of exquisite design and superior performance. Boasting esteemed CE and SIL-3 certifications, this elevator series transforms the concept of personalization in home lifts.

Designed to accommodate up to four levels (Ground plus three), and a significant travel height of 13,500mm, it perfectly blends aesthetics with efficiency. Enhance your living area with our extensive selection of customizable features for shafts, flooring, and beyond, for the ultimate in-home lift opulence.

All features and Specifications – Series III

Nibav Series III Home Lifts
Maximum Stops – 4 Stops (G+3)

Max Travel Height – 13500mm / 531in

Capacity Clear – 210kg / 462lbs

Space Required – 1010mm / 40in

Internal Cabin Diameter – 749mm / 29in

External Cylinder Diameter – 935mm / 37in

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All features and Specifications – Series III Max

Maximum Stops – 4 Stops (G+3)

Max Travel Height – 13500mm / 531in

Capacity Clear – 240kg / 529lbs

Space Required – 1430mm / 56in

Internal Cabin Diameter – 1160mm / 46in

External Cylinder Diameter – 1343mm / 53in

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