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Nibav Vacuum Elevators are powered by the most abundant resources in the world … AIR ! Nibav lifts introduces the lifts for homes and are now the most desired elevator models worldwide.

Home Lifts in Basel

Home Home Lifts in Basel

Home Lifts in Basel

Elevating Your Home and Your Lifestyle with Our Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators


Who are We?

NIBAV home lifts are the best among patented pneumatic lift manufacturers headquartered in India. Nibav Lifts Switzerland specializes in producing ultra-modern lifts with unprecedented engineering brilliance and advanced pneumatic elevation systems.

Nibav lifts will fit in your home like that missing piece of the puzzle, becoming one with structures of both retrofit and new constructions. Engineered as per the European Standards, Nibav Home Lifts requires a very minimal amount of electricity, as the major part of the travel involves a renewable natural resource – “Air.”

Our utmost priority remains to be the safety of our clients; we do not compromise on safety since our product becomes a part of their private space – Home.

Effortless and Elegant Way of

Living Our Salient Features

Nibav Home Lifts brings you the most sought-after pneumatic elevators for your homes with fair and sensible pricing.

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Why Nibav?

Nibav delivers sophisticated home lifts that literally define the safest pneumatic elevators on earth. Home lifts that are manufactured in Nibav have European and safety standards and are validated and certified in line with TÜV SÜD Group – making us the preferable home lifts in Basel.

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Add Value and Style to Your Home with Nibav Lifts

Zero civil work

Nibav Lifts are Self Supported Structures which does not require any pit or headroom for them to exist, this quality results in reducing the civil work by close to ZERO.

Minimal Maintenance

Nibav lifts involve the least possible maintenance required by a home elevator since there is no need for counterweights, lubrication, or auxiliary battery backup to function.

Single-Phase Power

Nibav elevators consume power using the single-phase power supply while ascending and even minimal power while descending making them the ecological home lifts in the market.

360° Panoramic View

One of the distinctive features of Nibav Lifts is their fully transparent polycarbonate panels which provide a 360° panoramic view for travelers, which will be a great relief for claustrophobic people.

Green Elevators

Nibav lifts are eco-friendly by definition, as they consume only 3.7 kVA of electricity while ascending and zero power while descending.

Low maintenance

The main element of our elevators is air, thus requiring no oil or any other lubricant to function, this characteristic reduces the need for constant maintenance and reduces the servicing from once a month to once every four months.


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