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Nibav Vacuum Elevators are powered by the most abundant resources in the world … AIR ! Nibav lifts introduces the lifts for homes and are now the most desired elevator models worldwide.

Most Affordable & Compact Home lifts “NOW in Switzerland”

Introducing Australia’s revolutionary Home lifts in Switzerland. Nibav Home Lifts are designed with expert engineering to bring luxury to your home at an affordable price with minimal to ZERO construction work.

NIBAV Home Lifts offer an innovative and comfortable solution for travelling between floors in residential properties with our home elevators. Our elevators incorporate state-of-the-art Air-driven technology, which is patented to guarantee a safe and smooth ride. In addition, they adhere to the strictest European safety standards and operate using air, the most abundant resource on Earth.

Why choose us?

  • Certified Systems
  • Decades of Innovation
  • Global Standards of Quality
  • Low Maintenance
  1. Home elevators improve accessibility and mobility for seniors and people with disabilities.
  2. The financial benefits of installing a home elevator, including increased property value
  3. Sustainable and energy-efficient features of modern home elevators
  4. Design considerations for integrating a home elevator into your living space
  5. Safety features and regulations for home elevators, including fire safety and emergency response


Home Elevator Cost Starting from CHF 44,850



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