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The Most Reliable Vacuum Lifts in Switzerland

Nibav Residential lifts are a booming phenomenon in Switzerland, especially among families with people in their advanced years. Our pneumatic elevators are designed to blunge into any home decor and are the best choice for vertical transportation for the residentials.
It is a challenge for the golden agers to get around their living space without anyone’s assistance. Nibav home lifts will be of great service to them by providing lively comfortable transportation to get to their desired spot at home. Nibav’s compact model and trendsetting design enhance your traveling experience as travel through the floors of your home.


Nibav Lifts stand by three core aspects Aesthetics, Safety, and Performance, making us a promising brand for vacuum lifts in Switzerland. Our lifts are manufactured with utmost care and attention to our clients’ futuristic engineering thinking and challenges while moving around their homes. Our vacuum lifts stand tall as the definition for the safest pneumatic home lifts; hence all our vacuum lifts are manufactured following European Standards, and our safety standards are validated and certified in line with TÜV NORD Group – making us the number one choice of families.

Our clients testified Nibav Home Lifts to be the most reliable home lift organization in Switzerland, with a 360° Panoramic View to experience the luxury of compact home elevators in your home. Nibav vacuum lifts can be customized with the personalized aesthetics of your choice. The Advance Suspension system expertly regulates the lift’s descent to align with the stopping point to provide an unmatched razor-smooth landing experience.

Our vacuum elevators with four layers of refined technologies make Nibav Home Lifts – The Safest Vacuum Lifts on Earth:

1. In case of any power outage while traveling, the elevator car will descend automatically to the ground floor, whereas, you will be able to manually open the door and come out of the lift.

2. Upon any uncertain event, even if the lift gets stuck in between the floors (which is highly unlikely), you can click the “Emergency Landing Button” available inside and outside your lift to land on the ground floor.

3. Sure stop – another crucial feature of our vacuum lifts; if the lift travels beyond its designated speed, the Sure Stop feature will be automatically enabled and locks the elevator’s car within the next two inches.

4. In case of an emergency, unlike conventional elevators, Nibav allows you to unlock the elevator manually for you to step out.

Nevertheless, our elevators add up to the aesthetic as well as the monetary value of your property at a reasonable price. Nibav Lifts are noiseless, sleek, and compact, which makes the perfect choice to enhance accessibility and ensure feasible mobility for the elders who find it difficult to carry on their daily chores.

Distinctive Features

1. Zero civil work – Nibav Lifts are Self Supported Structures that require no pit or headroom for them to function, the aspect which reduces the civil work to nearly ZERO.

2. Minimal maintenance – Nibav lifts require very little maintenance from the installation as there will be no need for counterweights, lubrication, or auxiliary battery backup for the elevator to function.

3. Nibav renders elevators of the hour, as they use a single-phase power supply to ascend and even lesser power while descending, making them the ecological home lifts across the world.

4. Another remarkable feature of Nibav Lifts is their fully transparent polycarbonate panels, which are bulletproof and provide a 360° panoramic view of your property, which can be an added advantage to claustrophobic people.

5. Green Elevators – Nibav lifts are eco-friendly in every aspect since they consume only 3.7 kVA of electricity while ascending and zero power while coming down to the ground floor.

6. Low maintenance – The main element involved in our elevators is air, making our lifts require no oil or any other lubricant to function; this characteristic reduces the need for constant maintenance and minimizes the servicing from once a month to once every four months.

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